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#18 - Pushpa Samuel: Engineer, Principal, Chaplain

January 14, 2021 Pushpa Samuel Season 2 Episode 18
Marthoma Community Podcast
#18 - Pushpa Samuel: Engineer, Principal, Chaplain
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Guest: Pushpa Samuel
Parish: Silicon Valley MTC (CA) & Horeb MTC (Los Angeles, CA)
Interview Date: January 5, 2021

Pushpa shares the story of her journey to the present day where she is getting ready to finish her theological studies (M. Div.) with plans to become a board-certified chaplain. She hopes that sharing her story will be an encouragement to others interested in ministry, especially women, and looks forward to remaining active in our community.

00:00:35. Introduction & Background
00:04:13. Pushpa's path to seminary
00:10:22. George's Response/Experience
00:12:56. Volunteer to Principal
00:20:55. Joining the local MTC
00:27:55. Neighborhood Missions
00:32:20. Motivations to Join Seminary
00:40:50. Reactions to joining seminary
00:43:25. What is Chaplaincy?
00:46:11. Chaplaincy in the MTC
00:57:15. A broader vision


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Intro Clip
Introduction & Background
Pushpa's path to seminary
George's Response/Experience
Volunteer to Principal
Joining the local MTC
Neighborhood Missions
Motivations to Join Seminary
Reactions to joining seminary
What is Chaplaincy?
Chaplaincy in the MTC
A broader vision