Marthoma Community Podcast

#9 - Staying Relevant

December 03, 2020 George Mathew Season 1 Episode 9
Marthoma Community Podcast
#9 - Staying Relevant
Show Notes

Guest: Nirmala Abraham
Parish: Philadelphia MTC
Interview Date: 5/16/2020

I chat with Mrs. Nirmala Abraham about how she, as a grandparent and an elder in our community, works to "stay relevant" in the eyes of her grandchildren and our MTC community.

Our conversation ranges from her engagements with her children, grandchildren, and their peers to our missions fields among Native Americans, Sevika Sanghom, and navigating the future of the MTC. Finally, we hear her thoughts on how we can bridge the gap between the young and old.

Having come to America in 1968, Nirmala Aunty has played an active role in the establishment of our [North American & European] diocese and has held many different leadership positions over the years. She currently serves as the Mandalam representative for her parish.

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